Rocking Nikki
Teen female Song writer / Singer / Bass player from Los Angeles, California.
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Seismic Sound International (SSI)

Photographer Yulia


Vegas Town

Bad Day

Nikki started her musical life in Finland.
She was singing in her room, in the shower and in the car. Nikki came to America when she was six years old to start her acting & modeling career in Los Angeles. By the time she was ten years old, Nikki was booking jobs with independent studios and theatre and including a runway show at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas that featured her photo shoot in a dance wear Magazine.

At 13 years old, Nikki was introduced to the music world as a gleaming bass guitar player. Modeling and Acting was put on hold, when she realized that the life of rock star was calling her.
Fate brought Nikki together with another great guitarist, Blaze, who founded the teen rock band called "Blaze N'Young Guns".
Together they made inroads onto the scene at the 2009 Hollywood Music Awards. Nikki has set aside early spring 2010 and launched her first debut album, "OUT OF CONTROL".

After high school,she is planning to continue her studies in the art of music at Berklee College of Music, she will fine tune her skills as a professional musician and as a young business entrepreneur.
Nikki's musical influences are Paramore, Linkin Park and Evanesence,and her favorite singer is Christina Aguilera.

07.07.13 Reviews.
I discovered Nikki's talent very unexpectedly during a recording session featuring one of our Artists. I was looking to add tracks with a fresh voice for background vocals and by chance, Nikki was in the studio at that time and I asked her to give it a try. I had asked her to sing whatever first came to her mind and within two takes,her vocals were recorded and Nikki left the studio 15 minutes later. It was quick take and her voice track made the grade on the original recordings. The voice needed no ations and will be featured on the upcoming album "Vitality" to be released soon.

We started to think about Rocking Nikki's Solo Album when she wrote the lyrics for the song, "Bad Day" in August, and after 7 months of work the EP Album "Out Of Control" was released. A few weeks before the album was ready to go, Nikki got offers from few co-writers in US and Scandinavia.

New Single, "End Of May" is in a process of work and already is getting great reviews. This is the first international project for Nikki and SSI, Inc is happy to be a part of this.

Great attitude, raw talent, reflected responsibility,professional approach and simply sheer fun describes young artist. Easy to work with. What else can you wish for as a manager or producer?
Seismic Sound International, Inc. - Producer, Production Manager
12.05.13 International Project
Rocking Nikki is currently working with co - writer from Finland Anssi Stenberg who has credits (backing vocals Stratovarious Destiny 1998,Infinity 2000,Stratovarious 2005.Thunderstone 2002, Thunderstone "The Burning" album 2004, Thunderstone"Tools Of Destruction" album 2005. Universal Music Group. Leverage "Tides" album 2004 , Sentiment "From Here To Ever After" album 2007. Marco Hietala. Marenne "The Past Prelude" 2009.)
New Single "End Of May".